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Category: Sober living

Myths About Alcohol

Content Myth 6 Myth: It’s OK to drink and drive after only a few drinks College Drinking Myths – Busted Wide Open Common Myths Surrounding Alcohol Addiction If You Are An Alcoholic You Can’t Be Successful The prospective association between sipping alcohol by the sixth grade and later substance abuse. Alcohol use disorder is a […]

Powdered Alcohol Now Legal in U S

Contents: The Debate About Palcohol: Is Powdered Alcohol Safe? Could It Be That James Bond’s Martinis Were Shaken Because He Had Alcoholic Tremor? Powdered Alcohol Legal Status Publications Buzz Kill: FDA Cracks Down on Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages Palcohol, it turns out, is not the first attempt at a powdered alcohol. According to patent data, General […]

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