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An All-Round Service Package Under A Roof

It gives a sigh of relief when we find the right consultancy that gives all the information to you. Having a detailed discussion with us is the prime responsibility of the students so that we can understand the requirement and assist in the best possible way.

By following and implementing all the above-mentioned things, it is not difficult anymore to get admission to foreign universities. With The Star Across, your dream to study abroad is on a way to becoming a reality.







The Star Across provides all the necessary services under one roof for your international studies. Other than just providing counseling, we make sure that we help you in executing the plans by providing multiple services related.


The Star Across is a one-stop solution for overseas education-related services. When you make the crucial decision to go abroad for your higher education, you need to choose the right path for your career. The Star Across is your path-finder, which understands the need of each aspirant, and provides you with in-depth counseling, from a team of Professional Counsellors. Our end-to-end counseling program will offer you flexible, affordable, accessible career plans and guidance tailor-made for you. We ensure checking every requirement as per the expectations, and help you make the perfect choice regarding your career according to your profile and interests.

We advise undergraduate and graduate-level students on career development as well as prospects after university graduation. We provide insight into useful coursework and degree programs supporting career aspirations. We give clarity to students who are struggling to select career paths. As a student aspiring to obtain quality education in developed countries such as Singapore, Canada, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, and many more; you can count on us for well-informed career counseling for a bright future.


Applying directly to universities can be quite tiresome since reputed universities receive hundreds and thousands of applications almost every week. The documentation process can be quite confusing, so we will help you to fill out the university applications. Depending on the country and university that you have chosen, we will guide you in the admission process. The admission process also depends on the program and level of degree you will be undertaking. We will advise you on which course and university will best align with your career and avail scholarships according to your interest. We have collaborated with many Colleges/Universities abroad.


A flawless application is very critical, and The Star Across understands that and will put up your application to the university as well as the supporting documents needed. An SOP (Statement of Purpose) is needed in countries like Canada, Australia, the USA, and the UK. We prepare the SOP, which is an essay stating the purpose and motivation of the student applying to a particular country, university, and course. A well-written SOP along with the Resume is highly important to a student’s admission. Our team of experts at The Star Across knows how to put up a correct SOP and Resume. After receiving a letter of confirmation from the university of your choice comes the Visa Processing. The Star Across helps you with Visa Filing from the ground up and keeps you updated about the status and gets your visa processed in a rapid manner. We ensure that when you submit your visa application it would be flawless, thereby ensuring a higher conversion rate.


The most important step for anyone looking to transfer abroad or to another nation for higher education is to prepare for the foreign-going competitive exams . The organisation offers state-of-the-art classrooms with cutting-edge equipment and testing facilities. To ensure that all of the questions from the students are answered, our highly skilled teachers are available around-the-clock. The teaching facilities are equipped with a fully stocked library, computerised testing labs, and classrooms in addition to a variety of other amenities. Every student has a preferred time of day when they study best. We provide our students the choice to select their class schedules from a range of batches all throughout the day. We provide tutoring and support for a variety of exams, including IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. As they are routinely updated on changes to the curriculum and exam policies, our teachers are best equipped to assist the students. When you study at the star across, you can learn from the best.


Due to the significant expenditure required, financing studies abroad is a tremendous challenge for students. Furthermore, it has become tougher for students to manage the costs as institutions raise their tuition fees every year. Students may require loans to cover their costs. At the star across, we give students the necessary assistance for obtaining student loans.

Doing your research before approaching a bank for loans is always advised. We give accurate information on the various lending programs provided by both public and commercial banks. We assist students in selecting the finest deals at the lowest interest rates based on their circumstances.


Relocating to a new destination can altogether be a series of challenging tasks to accomplish. The students have to be prepared to adapt to new cultures, food, destination protocols, managing interactions, etc. GC offers pervasive guidelines and pre-departure briefings for students, which equips them with an extensive checklist and enables them to glide through the process of studying abroad seamlessly. The pre-departure briefing addresses rudimentary concerns such as safety, whom to contact for what requirements, health insurance, managing and maximizing interactions, etc. where we mentally prepare students for immigration and equip them with an extensive checklist of documents to carry. Robust overseas relations enable GC to help students even after they have landed in a foreign land. Global Alliance’s post-landing services encompass from arranging a pick-up facility upon arrival to a lodging or accommodation facility, knowledge about public transport, complete assistance while opening a Bank Account, etc.

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