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Steps to Rebuild Your Life After Addiction Recovery Blog

This is especially true once such individuals have sobered up and realized the consequences of their actions. When you’re ready to change your life, we’re here for you. Call us to speak confidentially to an admissions navigator at any time. American Addiction Centers provides a confidential and free recovery app to patients who have completed treatment at one of our facilities.

However, it doesn’t mark the end of your recovery journey. In the years ahead, you must take some important steps to build and maintain a healthy, sober life. Next to your family members, your significant other likely has the most love for you and may have also closely experienced the changes addiction caused in you. They may struggle with trust issues and emotional damage that were created during your period of substance abuse. Especially for those young adults who lived with their families while struggling with addiction, family members are some of the most commonly affected by substance abuse. They may have been the ones who watched your appearance and behavior change first-hand while you fell deeper into addiction.

Disengage From Toxic People

Another very critical thing to remember as you recover from substance abuse is the importance of self-care. But, the challenges don’t end when the treatment process is over. Even after you complete rehab, it’s best to put some very healthy routines guidelines into place. Now that you are through living a life of substance abuse, you’ll likely want to reconnect with your friends and family members on an emotional level. But, perhaps you’re realizing that many of them aren’t ready to take that step. It will be tempting to beat yourself up about the issues you experienced in your past.

Is addiction recovery lifelong?

Addiction Recovery/ Remission

This could be different for each individual, and someone can easily slip back into substance abuse; however, it doesn't necessarily mean addiction is lifelong. With new coping strategies for dealing with life's stresses, addiction recovery can be permanent.

Once you’ve successfully detoxed, it’s time to put all those new life skills into practice and to start rebuilding your life after recovery. Beyond teaching recovering addicts coping skills, we believe in teaching real-world life skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives. How to find a job, how to be in a healthy relationship, and even how to shop for groceries. Family and friends also play a critical role in reducing the drug and alcohol relapse risk.

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This is the only way to transition from addiction into a sober, happy, and fulfilling life. People who suffer from low self-esteem commonly experience symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. Due to this, they are more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol to mask their pain and insecurities. The holidays can be a stressful time for those in substance abuse recovery. Here are some tips on staying sober during the holidays.

At Sunrise House, we offer different levels of addiction treatment, including medical detox and residential treatment, for people dealing with addictions to alcohol and drugs. Helping you stay on track with your goals and recovery. Marijuana rehab center for addiction treatment, so don’t let yourself get too idle.

Establishing a Healthy Routine After Addiction

It is the moment you can truly start living your life addiction-free. After you graduate, find sober living homes in your area, move in with sober peers, and continue to work the 12-steps. Engage in new hobbies and activities – When you were using, all of your other priorities were put on the backburner. You spent your time seeking, obtaining, using, and recovering from the drug. This is often the biggest challenge of the recovery process – occupying your time so that you do not fall back on the activity you know all too well. In the right drug treatment program, you will learn to replace your drug-using habits with healthy, engaging, and sober activities.

What are the 5 stages of change in recovery?

What Are the Five Stages of Change? The five stages of addiction recovery are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance.

“I’m worthy of that too. Once you get to that place it’s pretty liberating.” “They end up achieving things they wouldn’t have achieved if they hadn’t gone through the hell of addiction,” Eddie said. Meanwhile those with more financial resources or milder forms of addiction often heal faster. “We’re trying to buy a house right now. Something I never thought would be possible, something I never thought I deserved for the longest time,” Rasco said.

The transitional process requires several changes, steps, and resolution processes that must be closely followed for success. Write down clear, specific goals, and put them somewhere you’ll rebuilding your life after addiction see them every day. This strategy will help you stay on track toward a fulfilling, drug-free life. Remind yourself that addiction is a serious disease and not a personal failure.

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